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When: Friday & Saturday, June 15 & 16, 2018
Where: Roanoke College in Salem, VA
Hosted by: Blue Ridge Beekeepers Association & Botetourt Beekeepers Association
Roanoke College is offering lunch and dinner for sale plus lodging in their dorms. Both dinner and lunch will consist of a hot entree, sandwich bar, salad bar, vegetarian options and a dessert bar. We will offer presentations in the evening following dinner plus a 100-year anniversary celebration.
Speakers include:

Dr. Dewey M. Caron is Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, Univ. of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture, Oregon State University. Dr. Caron will present "What the Bees Are Saying" and "Bee MD - The 5Ps"

Dr. Thomas D. Seeley, biologist and writer, is a professor in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University. Dr. Seeley will present,"Darwinian Beekeeping" or how to harmonize our beekeeping methods with the natural history of Apis mellifera. Seeley's second presentation will be "The bee colony as a honey factory" exploring how a colony of honey bees operates as a factory that produces honey efficiently despite tremendous day-to-day swings in the supply of nectar, the raw material for making honey. Don't miss Dr. Seeley's workshop,"The craft of bee hunting" which explains bee hunting-locating wild colonies of honey bees-one of the most fascinating games in the world.

Dr. Kirsten S. Traynor, editor of American Bee Journal and published author, will present "Simple, Smart Beekeeping" a method of keeping healthy hives in an easy, carefree way so you enjoy your beekeeping. "Two Million Blossoms: Honey for your Health" is not only the title of Dr. Traynor's book, it's a presentation on using honey to treat myriad health issues. Dr. Traynor's workshop, "The Complex Web of Colony Decline: Whats Killing the Bees" will explain how changing landscapes, modern agriculture, climate change and globalization all play a role in pollinator decline and what we can do to help.

Jessica Kern - a neuromuscular therapist who teaches body mechanics for improved health and for injury prevention will present "Hive Maintenance as an Athletic Event".

Keith Tignor, Virginia State Apiarist, will introduce BeeCheckā„¢, a mapping tool provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia to enhance communication between beekeepers and pesticide applicators.


A buffet style dinner is offered Friday evening for $12 per person with more presentations following dinner. A buffet style lunch is available for $10 on Saturday.

On-line registration is available HERE to current VSBA members and expired/non-members via credit card through June 3, 2018. An early registration discount is provided until May 19, 2018.

On Friday, June 15, Walk In Registration (cash or check only) will open at noon with the meeting beginning at 1:00 p.m. Walk In Registration (cash or check only) will re-open on Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. and the meeting will resume at 8:45 a.m. Presentations and vendors are scheduled until 8:45 PM on Friday and 6:00 PM on Saturday.

Additional information, including hotels in the area and vendors attending the meeting will be posted on the VSBA website along with any program changes.