BGSV Membership


Joining the Beekeepers' Guild is a great way to meet other people who share the same interest.  You will have the opportunity to attend an educational program each month and participate in an open forum where you may pose your beekeeping questions to a group for discussion.

Other benefits of a Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia membership include:

  • An opportunity to get acquainted with bees before committing to beekeeping
  • Beekeeping Short Course for Beginners every spring
  • Educational workshops
  • Mentor program to help new beekeepers become successful
  • Opportunities to participate in local and regional beekeeping events
  • Notifications to pick up local honey bee swarms
  • Instructional field days in the bee yard
  • Use of club property, including our motorized honey extractor
  • Discounted subscriptions to leading bee journals
  • Outlets for selling honey and hive products
  • Opportunities to purchase local nucleus hives
  • Quantity discounts on group orders of beekeeping equipment and queen bees
  • Social events throughout the year

We welcome anybody with an interest in honey bees, whether you are currently a beekeeper or not!

Virgina State Beekeepers Association:

As a group, VSBA supports our members to help maintain vibrant local beekeeping organizations by providing educational programs and tools, improve relations between Beekeepers, Government Agencies, and the Public, promote and maintain industry connections at the State, National, and International level, and to fund, promote and enhance beekeeping research. For more information, visit


Price: $30.00