BGSV and VSBA Membership


Additional benefits of a Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia (BGSV) and Virginia State Beekeepers Association (VSBA) memberships include:

  • An opportunity to get acquainted with bees before committing to beekeeping (BGSV)
  • Beekeeping Short Course for Beginners every spring (BGSV)
  • Advance educational opportuties (BGSV and VSBA)
  • Bi-monthly BGSV newsletter, The Bee Line 
  • Quarterlyy VSBA newsletter, The Commonwealth Buzz
  • Educational workshops (BGSV and VSBA)
  • Mentor program to help new beekeepers become successful (BGSV)
  • Opportunities to participate in local and regional beekeeping events (BGSV and VSBA)
  • Notifications to pick up local honey bee swarms (BGSV)
  • Instructional field days in the bee yard (BGSV)
  • Use of club property, including our motorized honey extractor (BGSV)
  • Opportunities of selling honey and hive products (BGSV and VSBA)
  • Opportunities to purchase local nucleus hives (BGSV)
  • Quantity discounts on group orders of beekeeping equipment and queen bees (BGSV)
  • Social events throughout the year (BGSV and VSBA)

NOTE: An additional convenience fee is charged if using PayPal for payment.

We welcome anybody with an interest in honey bees, whether you are currently a beekeeper or not!




Price: $30.00